Shops, Restaurants & Farmers Market

East Bay District
Recently constructed at Marine Drive and Olympia Avenue is the new Hands On Children’s Museum, which provides educational opportunities for residents and out-of-area visitors alike. Adjacent is the East Bay Public Plaza on land provided by the Port of Olympia, and construction provided by the LOTT (Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and Thurston County) Clean Water Alliance. LOTT’S offices and water education center are nearby, offering more educational opportunities for residents and visitors.

The East Bay District was cleaned up and developed by the Port to extend downtown Olympia to the waterfront. As time goes on, it will include other amenities identified by residents through a public process, including cafes and restaurants, hospitality industries, office space and shops.

Market District
At the north end of Capital Way, the Port developed the Market District, which features the Olympia Farmers Market. Adjacent to the market are restaurants, cafes, shops and other businesses.